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Molnár Gabriella

The spirit of originality and creative recycling that has been present in her family since she was a child has certainly determined her being instinctively environmentally conscious and scattering garbage minimally, having environmental friendly relationship to the world and objects as well. Her creations are jewellery, clothing accessories, home decor in an eclectically unrepeatable design, spiced with the relentless freedom of collages, sometimes with a little practical or boho detail solutions. Open to learning new techniques, but her basic and most important goals are: the material should be as much as possible recycled, reborn in her value-added one-of-a-kind upcycled product. She reaches for synthetic material only in technical-specific cases. The materials she work with are mostly cotton, linen, silk, wool, paper, leather, copper wire and glass beads.

Tel: +421/ 948 508 885
Facebook: Mogart