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LÁNCZI Sujtás Ékszerek

Lánczi Krisztina

Krisztina Lánczi Sujtás’s jewellery tries to realize the soutache motifs from Hungarian folk costumes, originally used for clothing decoration, in jewellery, but at the same time the artist places great emphasis on creating modern, fashionable jewellery that can be worn in everyday life. The soutache technique provides an extremely huge scope for the realization of the most diverse world of colours and shapes, in addition, a full range of jewellery can be found among her creative works, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments, brooches. The creator designs her own jewellery and sews it entirely by hand, so real handcrafted jewellery comes out of her hands, which is characterized by uniqueness.

The great advantage of soutache jewellery is that it can be made without the incorporation of metal parts, so the creator makes efforts to make jewellery that can be worn by metal-sensitive ladies as well.

Tel: +3670/5968640
Facebook: krisztisujtas