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Kis Kósa Annamária

Kiss Kósa Annamária, the founder of KOKA Fashion Design, engaged in theatrical scenery, visual and costume design and production, renting her own costumes, also designing and making unique clothes The KOKA brand is characterized by uniqueness, dynamism and refined forms, with special emphasis on quality. Most KOKA clothes and accessories represent a minimalist style trend – the brand’s favourite and often used colour is black, which is often combined with contrasting colours. Instead of unnecessary glamor, the tailoring pattern is what makes the creator’s clothes varied and unique. The designer is greatly influenced by folk art, various folk motifs and embroidery, also the fashion of historical eras. The influence of these styles makes it extremely exciting to reinterpret the minimalist trend with refined forms represented by her.

Tel: +36 30 590 1034, +421 908 126 597
Facebook: Kokafashion